Who we are

Inventors are just naturally inventors. Those who happen to have disabilities can be especially inventive at creating devices to help ease daily living, gain independence. Here’s a quick look at three such inventors and a list of our first assistive devices – tested, briefs on hand, awaiting a strong corporation to step in.

Our Team

Andrew Katz

Andrew Katz has a BA Honours in Social Communications and a Business Certificate from the University of Ottawa.  In his early career he helped with sales, marketing and strategizing – including international marketing – with the Royal Canadian Mint (in Germany, Switzerland and Austria). Then he worked as financial advisor for a major life insurance company, and next as a consulting facilitator helping medical associations tackle complex issues including product and organizational development, marketing and strategic planning.

Challenged by multiple sclerosis (MS), he organized rallies in ten cities across Canada that helped push federal research into MS treatments – always with hope. An avid DIY craftsman, he contrives and builds assistive devices for himself and other mobility-challenged people. He has devoted many volunteer hours to invent assistive devices and make test pieces – which he tests on himself first – in the hope to secure their mass production.

Rebecca Cooney

has an MBA Université du Québec à Montréal, and a Fellowship from the Institute of Canadian Bankers with award for outstanding academic achievement.  She worked at Export Development Canada (EDC) for 16 years in various roles, including Underwriting Manager-Transportation and IT and Financial Services Manager-Small Business Solutions.  Her clients included small exporters from numerous industries as well as large engineering/manufacturing firms. A principal in several project teams, she worked on identifying and developing new products and new business strategies.

Challenged by MS, in 2009 she founded and managed her own social action group and website to promote research into new treatments for MS. She has over 11 years of volunteer experience at the MS Society, Ottawa, where she was the Chair of the Education Committee and now facilitates a support group, keeping her abreast of the daily tribulations of people living with various disabilities.  This in part is what inspires her to volunteer her time and imagination to KPC Capable Inc.

Robert Platts

B.Sc. Civil Eng. (UNB), SM (MIT) 1957; P. Eng.   R&D is Bob’s work and hobby, at first in housing:  production, performance, economics, problem-solving; new materials, components, systems, test methods.  After helping build the housing R&D program at NRC Canada, he founded Scanada Consultants Limited, 1968-1997 – the pioneer engineering firm in this field.  He devised bond-testing devices for fiber-plastic composites while helping develop and test stressed skin/structural sandwich panel systems, and helped reach award-winning breakthroughs in both analyzing and controlling heat and moisture flows and problems in the building envelope – and indoor air quality concerns – with more inventions for testing, metering, modeling.

Helping leading companies improve efficiency in low-rise housing production, he also helped them avert potential billion losses by not adopting certain industrialized systems of high-rise building production. His “Canada Models” detailed the country’s existing low-rise housing stock and showed definitively how retro-insulating could save multi-billions in energy usage. He worked with major builders, manufacturers and govt. groups throughout North America (incl. high Arctic), UK, Scandinavia, Netherlands, Eastern Europe, Japan and the Caribbean. Following Scanada, further Caribbean work sparked his inventions of affordable “hurricane hardeners” for existing houses. Now he works happily with his KPC partners on inventing and testing assistive devices.